Neuroscience Resource Centre (NRC)


Co-Med will collect personal information from you to facilitate your participation in NRC, to continue to improve and to assess the effectiveness of the program. The information we collect from you includes your full name, profession, practice/s name/s, address/es, phone number/s and email address/es. We collect this information directly from you.

We will not collect personal information about you from third parties unless you have consented to that collection. If the personal information you provide to Co-Med is incomplete or inaccurate, or you withhold personal information, Co-Med may not be able to enrol you or to administer the program as required.

Your personal information will be held in a database in Australia. Co-Med may use your personal information to contact you in relation to the program, to manage your participation in or to assess the NRC itself. Co-Med may disclose your personal information to our professional advisers (including web developers) for administrative purposes, or as required by law. Shire will be advised of all healthcare professionals enrolled in the NRC.

If you report an Adverse Event (AE), Co-Med or an authorised third party of Co-Med may contact you for additional information. During the program, if Co-Med becomes aware of any AEs related to Shire (the program sponsor) products, it is legally obliged to report the details to Shire. The only information that Co-Med will then pass on to Shire are the patient’s initials and date of birth.

Contact us: Co-Med’s Privacy Policy sets out (amongst other things) how we manage your personal information. To obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy, contact the Co-Med Privacy Officer by email at or write to Co-Med Privacy Officer, PO Box 124, Double Bay NSW 1360. The Privacy Policy includes information about:

  • how you can access your personal information
  • how you can correct any inaccurate personal information
  • how you can complain about a breach of your privacy and how such complaints are handled.

To withdraw from the NRC: You can withdraw at any time by contacting Co-Med on Freecall 1800 781 707 or by emailing


The NRC is funded by Shire Australia Pty Limited (now part of Takeda), Sydney Australia and coordinated by Co-Med Pty Ltd. ABN 31 125 761 757. Tel: 1800 012 612 Email: ABN 29 128 941 819. Visit

Date of preparation: April 2019. SHI170 C-APROM/AU//0422