Neuroscience Resource Centre (NRC)


By agreeing to the Neuroscience Resource Centre (NRC) Terms and Conditions / Consent Statement, I confirm that I understand the following:

  • NRC has been explained to me by a representative of the program sponsor, Shire Australia Pty Limited (Shire)
  • I understand that I can access resources for my own interest to review or to print. I can also access resources that can be emailed to my patients from this website. My patients can view and print these resources after they have consented to receiving them
  • I understand that I must not email the resources on the NRC to anyone other than my patients. Emails to my patients are sent through the NRC, not from my personal email
  • My information will be collected and held by Co-Med Pty Ltd (Co-Med), the program coordinator, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Australian Privacy Laws) and the Co-Med Privacy Policy. No patient information will be held by Co-Med
  • I understand that I can utilise the reporting function to run a report showing which resources I sent to my patients as well as the email address they were sent to, and the dates and time. This information is for my use only and will not be available to Shire.
  • I consent to Co-Med collecting, using and disclosing my personal information as set out in the Privacy Statement
  • If I report an Adverse Event (AE) or other safety information, Shire will be provided with my personal information and may contact me for additional information
  • Once enrolled in NRC, I will inform Shire within 14 days of being notified by AHPRA about any conditions or restrictions that are imposed on my practising certificate. To my knowledge, I am not subject to any professional disciplinary enquiries or patient complaints

Your active enrolment in and use of the NRC constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions / Consent and Privacy Statements for the NRC.

The NRC is funded by Shire Australia Pty Limited (now part of Takeda), Sydney Australia and coordinated by Co-Med Pty Ltd. ABN 31 125 761 757. Tel: 1800 012 612 Email: ABN 29 128 941 819. Visit

Date of preparation: April 2019. SHI170 C-APROM/AU//0422