EMBED: Education about the
Management of Binge Eating Disorder

Explore the knowledge and practical skills required to embed best-practice management of Binge Eating Disorder into general practice

Despite being the most prevalent eating disorder in Australia,1 Binge Eating
Disorder (BED) remains a challenge to identify and manage. Patient and
healthcare professional misconceptions about the disorder are a contributing
factor and, as BED is often masked by other conditions, many GPs are unaware
that they already care for patients with BED.2

EMBED offers two flexible learning options designed to
cater for GPs’ educational needs and preferences

To upskill on the latest evidence for the identification and management of BED,
register for one of the following EMBED activities, which were developed by an
independent steering committee who have extensive experience in the
management of BED.

Please note: This content is only available to registered healthcare professionals.

CPD: Continuing Professional Development. GP: General Practitioner. GPMHSC: General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration. MH: Mental Health. RACGP: Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

References: 1. Kornstein S, et al. Postgraduate Medicine. 2015;127(7):661-670. 2. Citrome L, et al. J Clin Psychiatry 2017;78(suppl 1):9-13.